Brand Identity

Brand Indentity is More Than a Logo

Branding goes well beyond a memorable logo or image. A brand’s identity represents the perception customers have of your business and reputation.

In order for your brand to stand out and be credible to customers in an already competitive market, you must be consistent, authentic and highly recognisable.

Most customers rely on a company’s online brand presence as a test of its credibility in the market making it essential for you have strong branding for your business. A personalised website with a cohesive message, design and content solidifies your expertise and gives you the opportunity to set your business apart to your customer base from other competitors.

Analysing Website Conversion Rate

Increasing Conversion Rate

With website design constantly evolving, Digital Mechanix understands the importance of a branding and the impact it has on a company’s sales and repeat business.

We enable businesses to strengthen their brand positioning and tailor their messaging to their customers using advanced graphic design technology, brand marketing strategies and innovative design solutions.

Our dedicated team of branding experts and graphic designers will create a bespoke brand strategy for your business which will communicate your values, story and messaging to your customers. This will lead to increased online sales, improved customer loyalty, generate new business and essentially increase the overall value of your business.

Our Services

Digital Mechanix offers a range of services to set your brand apart from your competition including:

  • Brand Style Guides
  • Logo Design and Sizing
  • Corporate and Brand Identity Design
  • Cross-Branding
  • Customer Reward Plans
  • Visual Scanning
  • Watermarks and Tints
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Integrated Video
  • Visual Imagery
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